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Latest Recording – Conversations with OwlsFeaturing Frank Kimbrough on piano and Martin Wind on bass…check it out!

1/21 – Next PerformanceI’ll be at RhizomeDC playing some interesting improvised music with Kurtis Adams on sax and Mark Lysher on bass on Fri Jan 27.  Then Super Bowl Sunday (February 5th), I’ll be back at Beans in the Belfry with Leigh Pilzer on Baritone Saxophone and Mark Lysher on bass.

I’m finalizing two upcoming digital only releases for 2017.  The first will be a trio recording with Scott Robinson and Ken Filiano.  The other will be the follow up to Alternating Current, featuring Matthew Shipp and William Parker…stay tuned!

There are some exciting musical things coming in 2017…keep close!

Featured Performance: Jeff Cosgrove Noah Preminger Quartet – Byablue

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Record news…

Conversations with Owls was named as one of 2015’s best releases at All About Jazz!!!

Stacks of Stars from Conversations with Owls was named one of the 10 best songs from Frederick News-Post!!!

The first of five videos from a live performance with me + Matthew Shipp + William Parker: