Jeff Cosgrove Thinking Drummer



Conversations with Owls featuring Jeff Cosgrove, Drums; Frank Kimbrough, Piano; Martin Wind, Bass. A recording group conversations and featuring unique arrangements of two beautiful standards!

“Drummer Jeff Cosgrove’s Conversations with Owls is an ode to twilight and dark coming on dawn, a percussively melodic tone poem — thanks also to the sensitivity of pianist Frank Kimbrough and the sturdiness of bassist Martin Wind — in which the musicians’ curiosity, insight, originality and interactions address silence and secrets, arriving at unusual beauty.” – Howard Mandel, Jazz Journalist Association + DownBeat

Alternating Current featuring Jeff Cosgrove, Drums; Matthew Shipp, Piano; William Parker, Bass. A recording focused on spontaneous composition with masters of the medium!

“If Cyrille, Taylor, Motian and their ilk have laid the foundations for more than one generation that followed in their wake, then Cosgrove, Shipp and Parker with their powerful, open dialogue are building bridges that will span the years to reach generations to come. ” – Ian Patterson, All About Jazz

Motian Sickness – The Music of Paul Motian featuring Jeff Cosgrove, Drums; John Hebert, Bass; Mat Maneri, Viola; Jamie Masefield, Mandolin. Recorded in February of 2011, the album has received universial praise from the jazz press!

“It was not intended but turned out to be one of the best tributes to our century’s most outstanding drummer/composer, the late Paul Motian. His genuine spirit is deeply reflected in their music.” – Kenny Inaoka, JAZZ TOKYO

Video – Complete performance of One Time Out!

Live Performances:

7.13.12 – Motian Sickness – The Music of Paul Motian featuring Jeff Cosgrove, Drums; Ed Schuller, Bass; Noah Preminger, Sax; Frank Kimbrough, Piano. Recorded live at iBeam, Brooklyn NY by Jimmy Katz. You can stream the entire live performance!

10.9.15 – Jeff Cosgrove – Matthew Shipp – William Parker recorded at the Creative Alliance in Baltimore, MD as part of the Creative Differences Piano Festival.

4.11.12 Quartet – Video Impressions featuring Kurtis Adams, Sax; Rodrigo Pinchera, Piano; Mark Lysher, Bass at Beans in the Belfry, Brunswick, MD.